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About Sam Wirzba

I live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.  That puts me in close geographical proximity to agricultural landscapes (i.e., rangelands, crop fields, farms, ranches and feedlots) and to a variety of natural landscapes including the prairies, foothills and Rocky Mountains – all of which provide great photographic opportunities.

I chose to pursue a college/university education over farming and construction work.  I completed my career with the Government of Alberta (Alberta Environment and Parks) as a Natural Resource and Land Use Planner, Mediator, Facilitator, First Nations/Public Consultation Coordinator and Project Manager in the spring of 2018.  I am now able to devote considerable energy to my photography business. Photography is still a big part of my life and my list of clients continues to grow.

I have a farming background and have worked with cattle on feedlots.  I studied environmental science at Lethbridge College, and soil science and agronomy at Olds Agricultural College.  My university education (beginning with a Liberal Arts degree) aroused diverse interests.

I have engaged in various activities and pursued wide ranging interests over the years including:  hiking, backpacking, climbing, hunting, off-roading, table tennis, farming, framing, wood working, watching my youngest son play baseball, reading (particularly theology), camping and pursuing various adventures with my two sons, and traveling (primarily in the United States).

Photography assumed a greater role in my life in 2003 when I had the good fortune to place well in two significant photo competitions: Natures Best International photo competition, and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society photo competition.  That provided the motivation for me to take photography seriously and get into the photo business, so I started Last Light Photography.  I chose agricultural photography to be my area of specialization, but I photograph other subjects as well.  I now have the largest personal photo library of beef cattle in North America.

In terms of photo gear, I put my film cameras away in 2007 (I still remember with fondness the excitement and anticipation of looking at Velvia slide transparencies on a light table).  I use Canon digital cameras and high quality lenses to take the photos found on this website.  

An interview of my photographic interests has been published in the fall (September) 2012 edition of Wider Horizons and can be accessed at the Issuu website and Lethbridge College website.

In 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017 my photography was recognized by the American Agriculture Editor's Association (Master Photography certificate; 1st, 2nd and 3rd place photo awards; and several honourable mentions).