Photo Licensing

New clients

- please contact to me get a discount on your first photo purchase.

Do you have a limited budget?

- I am prepared to price my photos at rates that you can afford to pay.

Photo savings

- I will reduce my photo licensing rates if you buy several photos.  Feel free to propose a photo bundle arrangement that would meet your needs.  I would be willing to explore alternative photo licensing arrangements that work for you.

Photo Licensing Fees

- please contact me to discuss your photo needs and I will provide you with a quote.  I use the following photo usage information to prepare a quote:

•    description of your company / industry

•       purpose for which the photo will be used

•       photo placement / location (front, back, inside)

•       photo size (full page, ¾, ½, . . .)

•       length / duration of use (months, years)     

•       geographical extent / territory (local, regional, national, international)        

•       number of insertions

•       circulation / number of copies printed

Also, let me know if you are seeking exclusive rights or unlimited rights for a particular photo.

Need large JPEGs for mock-ups?

- contact me if you need larger JPEG images for use in layouts, compositions and mock-ups.

Large file delivery

- photos can be sent to your FTP site or be made available via “Hightail” for download.

Assignment Work

- I am available to do assignment work.  My specialty is photographing agricultural subjects (typically under natural light conditions).  Please contact me and indicate what your photographic needs are.  I will respond, letting you know if I am suited for the photo assignment, my availability to do the photo shoot, and my rates.

Photos on this website are copyright protected 

- photos on this website are the intellectual property of the photographer.   All images are available for use under a photo licensing agreement.  Licensing fees are dependent on how a chosen photo is used.  All images on this website are Rights Managed Photos.  

Making a photo selection

- when selecting a photo from this website please supply me with the following information to correctly identify the photo of interest to you:

  • photo identification number
  • Gallery in which it is found

Photo delivery

- photos will be made available to clients as high-resolution TIFF files  (the exceptions to this are panoramas and some early digital photos).  

Art prints

- contact me if you might be interested in purchasing museum quality giclee canvas wrap photos.  I will use a reputable photo lab to prepare fine art prints.


***  When you purchase photos from this website, 33% of the sale price goes to various charities.  If you are interested to know which charities I support, please contact me.


CLIENTS / Published photos

Animal Health and Nutrition

Zoetis (Pfizer)

Boehringer Ingelheim



Novus International Inc.

Intervet Schering Plough

Bimedia MTC  Animal Health

Bayer Animal Health


Zinpro Performance Minerals

Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Diamond V Mills

Beef Cattle Research Council

Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef

Canadian Animal Health Institute


Progressive Farmer

Feedlot magazine

BEEF magazine

Farm Journal


Working Ranch

Western Livestock Journal

Best of the West

Profile - Agriculture and Agri-Food for the World

Alberta Outdoorsmen

Northwest Fly Fishing

Stock Producer Associations

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

Alberta Beef Producers

Alberta Cattle Feeders Association

National Cattle Feeders Association

California Cattlemen’s Association

Utah Cattlemen's Association

Creative / Communications Agencies

5 Gallon Creative

Trailhead Designs

Agtown Technologies


ON Communication


Woodruff Sweitzer

Link Advertising

Surge Communications Inc.

Gallant Leaman Green Communications

Prism Studios Design

Fusion Design Group

Grade A Strategies


Sullivan Higdon & Sink

Publicis Life Brands Canada

Optic Nerve


Calgary Stampede

Alberta Tourism

Alberta Report

Parks Canada

Alberta Conservation Association

Alberta Bio-Innovates

County of Warner

Milk River Watershed Council of Canada

Lethbridge College

Natures Best Photography Magazine

University Press of Kentucky

Fordham University Press


Photo Subjects

The following list identifies some of the subject matter you will find in my photo Galleries.

Livestock photos

  • beef cattle
  • cattle breeds: Black Angus, Red Angus, Beef Booster, Limousin, Charolais, Gelbvieh, Hereford, Shorthorn, Simmental, Texas Longhorn, cross breed, mixed breed)
  • dairy cattle: Holstein, Jersey
  • calves, yearlings, heifers, steers, cows, bulls
  • cattle herd
  • feeding, grazing, nursing
  • feedlot, cattle pens
  • cattle treatment
  • cattle transport, unloading
  • branding, round-up, gathering, herding, cattle drive
  • hoof, eye, muzzle, udder, dangle ear tag, radio frequency tag, scrotum, horns, brand

 Agriculture photos

  • farm
  • ranch
  • cultivated field, summerfallow, swathed field
  • crop field (wheat, winter wheat, barley, alfalfa, corn, canola, hay, stubble, . . .)
  • irrigation / irrigating (center pivot, wheel move)
  • hay bales (round bale, large square, small square)
  • barn, farm yard
  • fence line
  • farm equipment (tractor, combine, swather, haybine, seeder, cultivator, . . .)
  • cultivating, seeding / planting, harvesting, haying, hay raking, silage, chemical application, aerial spraying
  • horse
  • cowboy
  • Palouse country, Lancaster county
  • rangelands, pasture lands
  • rodeo
  • soil profile

Other photos

  • fly fishing
  • panoramas
  • landscape (mountains, foothills, prairie / grasslands)
  • sunrise, sunset
  • hiking, backcountry adventure, cycling
  • wildlife (bison, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, bison, mountain goat, elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, ground squirrel, ...)
  • trees, flowers
  • nature, environment
  • oil and gas production
  • weathered wood
  • travel
  • baking
  • belts